The Slick Lure

sampleThe SLICK was developed to fish the inshore waters of the Big Bend region on Florida’s west coast. The Big Bend is blessed with miles of prestine grass flats, estuarine creeks, oyster bars, and lime rock lined coves. Captain Joey was unable to purchase commercial lures with features to conquer the floating eel grass, live shallow grass beds, rock piles, and oyster beds without fowling treble hooks, sticking jigs in the grass and hard bottom; so he made his own mouse trap. The SLICK’s big fish catching profile with a single custom EWG hook protruding through the lure’s back and a slow sinking jerky action allows anglers to fish these trophy fish habitats with great success. Within a few months “the locals” heard about 29.5″ speckled trout caught in very rocky flats and witnesssed young anglers boating trout over 6 lbs, wondering “What the hell are these kids throwing”? Local tackle shop owners were asked how to get these lures this guy from Keaton Beach was making. Captain Joey is now offering The SLICK through

Thank you for the interest in a truly custom made fishing lure.

Captain Joey