Captain Joey

Capt JoeyCapt Joey began fishing as a young boy in the bayous, rivers and bays of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin. At the ageĀ of 7 years, Joey caught a 5.5 lb bass on a Peck’s popping bug on his father’s bambo fly rod while scull paddling a 10 ft Arkansas Traveler jon boat. His father instilled proper artificial lureĀ presentation techniques and the importance of stealth at a very early age. Over the past 5 decades, Capt Joey has expanded on this exceptional angling foundation and now targets trophy inshore species of Florida’s Big Bend. Joey started pouring his own custom lures to meet his specifications for size, action, buoyancy, hook quality, and color combinations unavailable from commercial vendors; hence, The SLICK was born.cpt j